Types of Sunglassses (Blog)

Types of Sunglasses: Shapes and Styles Explained

Sunglasses are more than just a typical fashion statement. True, they can add style and versatility to your clothing, but they also offer necessary eye protection. Sunglasses defend against the sun's dangerous UV rays, dust, and heat.

By lowering glare, they increase safety during activities, including walking, driving, and playing sports. Finding the ideal pair of sunglasses can be difficult because there are so many different types.

The best sunglasses for you will depend on your preferences and fit. Choose the extra features you want in your sunglasses after thinking about your particular tastes and trying on a few frames at home.

Wear your new frames with pride once you have found the ideal pair of sunglasses. You never know; perhaps your particular taste will force folks to avoid you.

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Shapes of Sunglasses

Have a look at some of the popular shapes of sunglasses below:

Rectangle-Shaped Sunglasses

A more classic and lovely shape that you can always rely on is the rectangle frame. With either sharp or rounded edges, rectangle sunglasses have lenses that are wider than they are tall. Rectangle sunglasses may be viewed as beautiful and subtle because many various types of sunglasses feature lenses that tend to be wider and rounder than regular spectacles.

Ray-Ban RB4234 wayfarer plastic rectangle men's sunglasses

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Square-Shaped Sunglasses

Sunglasses with square lenses often have large, blocky lenses with even sides. Contrary to what the style's name might imply, this type of sunglass often has softer edges that go great with the sporty shape. According to the top in the sector, being square is trendy.

Ray-Ban RB3916 plastic square men's sunglasses

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Oval-Shaped Sunglasses

Most oval sunglasses have metal frames, available in a range of hues like golden, silver, and others. The length of the sunglasses is substantially greater than their height (oval shape). They cover the region around the eyes as a result, and they may look good on faces that are oval or oblong. The oval-shaped glasses and faces, which are arranged vertically and horizontally, complement each other beautifully.

Ray-Ban RB3946 plastic clubmaster oval men's sunglasses

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Large-Framed Sunglasses

You may be as outgoing as your personality with sunglasses. Larger frames distribute your sense of style to everyone who glances your way while expanding the area of your sun protection. Additionally, this aesthetic might evoke seductive, nostalgic images of cinema stars and avant-garde pioneers.

Round-Shaped Sunglasses

A pair of round sunglasses may have a thick or thin metal or plastic frame. Round frames are highly versatile and may give you any style, from conventional to postmodern. Stronger lines may convey a more contemporary message, while smaller, rounded frames may emphasize a more traditional appearance.

Oakley OO6046 titanium round men's sunglasses

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Geometry-Shaped Sunglasses Octagons, hexagons, and trapezoids are among the frequently disregarded shapes that geometric sunglasses embrace. It’s a fair warning because they are funny and memorable, people will certainly ask you where you got them.

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Keyhole Bridge Sunglasses

Keyhole bridge sunglasses may be included in any of the eyewear categories we just discussed, but with the addition of a keyhole-shaped gap beneath the bridge. It may only be a small component, but it offers a frame with a lot of enduring beauty.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

They match wonderfully with cat-eye sunglasses. You can't ignore sunglasses when you combine the mysticism of tinted lenses with those upswept edges and a dazzling frame. However, if you want to seem fashionable but understated, use these sunglasses with thinner frames.

Prada PR 12XS plastic cat eye men's sunglasses

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Styles of Sunglasses

Do you want to know about the best styles of sunglasses that can be used? Check them out below:

Aviator Sunglasses

A common component of lightweight aviator sunglasses is colored glass. Pilots invented sunglasses in the 1930s to protect their eyes while flying. As a result, the word "aviator" (also known as "pilot sunglasses") was coined. The thin metal frame of the sunglasses is made of a material that is pleasant to wear and is almost universal.

The best face shape for aviator sunglasses is an oval face because it beautifully balances the round sides of the face and draws attention to your features. Aviators typically have faces that are squarer.

Ray-Ban RB3025JM metal aviator men's sunglasses

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Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban created the wayfarer style of sunglasses in the 1950s. The large, strong frames of the sunglasses give anyone wearing them a fashionable appearance. Boys and men favor them the most.

However, they could enhance the beauty of any round face. Ray-Ban made the most well-known ones available for purchase. Other brands are widely accessible on Amazon.

Ray-Ban RB2132M new wayfarer plastic square men's sunglasses

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Sporty Sunglasses

Everyone has donned a fashionable pair of sunglasses at some point in their lives. People will commonly notice a motorcycle jacket's sharp edges and vibrant colors. Because they are sturdy and well-made, the sporty sunglasses won't shatter while the athletes are out on the field.

The disadvantage of these glasses is that not all circumstances necessitate their use. But if you were dressed like a biker or an athlete, nothing could be better!

Bifocal Spider Monkey Havanna men's sunglasses

Side-Shield Sunglasses

Currently, these are in the news. Many Instagram influencers and models have recently been spotted wearing side-shield sunglasses. There is a relatively thick coating along these sunglasses' arms, covering both lens surfaces.

There is a great variety of sizes and shapes of these sunglasses. The leather accessory is required if you like to wear them. But when you're wearing glasses, they do have the drawback of almost blocking your side vision.

Oakley OO9328 plastic shield men's sunglasses

Butterfly Sunglasses

Butterflies look good on flowers, and so do on your oval face. They can significantly improve the personality of your outward appearance. If you want to look young, butterfly sunglasses are a great choice, and they might easily steal the show wherever.

Because of how vast the outside border is and how slight the interior edge is where the arms of the glasses meet, these glasses stand out. They are frequently enormous and have eye-catching printed or colored frames.

Oakley 0OO9230 plastic butterfly women's sunglasses

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Wrap Around Sunglasses

Sunglasses that encircle the wearer entirely prevent slippage. The more oversized eyewear also improves eyesight, especially while traveling at high speeds on highways. They are non-slip because they have a firmer hold on the head. The traditional two-part design and the protective glass structure are available for wrap-around sunglasses.

Bifocal spider monkey black honey men's sunglasses

Clip-On Sunglasses

If you only have one frame and clip-on sunglasses, you can rapidly switch between clear and colored lenses. Who doesn't enjoy the gratifying snap of the clip-on being fastened before venturing outside? They are delightful, convenient, and portable.

Gradient Sunglasses

The lenses' color is mainly to a fault. When there are many colors available, why pick just one? A picture with two gradient colors would make the best example of this. It raises the coolness factor of your personality.

The gradient hues stand out when the rest of the apparel or accessories are color-coordinated. They can use nearly any size and style of the frame when the glass is gradient.

Ray-Ban RB2195 plastic square blue gradient grey men's sunglasses


Flip-up sunglasses will give you a stylish, modern look. Given their recent popularity surge, it is incredible how many men and women have added flip-up sunglasses to their accessory collections. They are exactly what their name suggests!

Only the top part of the glass on flip-up sunglasses is fixed to the frame; the rest is removable. Other forms are available depending on the face types they would best suit, but they typically have rounded, rectangular frames.


The eyes need to be appropriately protected and cared for because they are the most fragile organs in the body. With the extensive selection of eyewear designs available online, make informed choices. The knowledge shared above will help you understand better.