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Face Shape Guide

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape?

Choosing glasses can be difficult, especially considering the many accessible styles and facial forms. However, selecting glasses becomes easier if you are aware of your face shape and the kind of frame that best suits it.

Your glasses may reveal a lot about who you are. You may choose eyewear highlighting your get-things-done mindset during the week and your fun-loving side during the weekends.

If your skin tone does 't clash, use your favorite color or ornate embellishments to draw attention to your face. Choose a certain kind of frame to fit your personality, or keep a few extras on hand to quickly change your look to suit your mood.

Which Face Shapes Are Available?

It's important to remember that there is a wide variety of facial shapes, and not every face exactly fits one particular shape. Oval faces, for example, may resemble round faces in that they both have rounded jawlines and broad cheekbones.

In cases where your face falls somewhere between the two shapes, you should experiment with glasses made for both. Few people fit into any of the categories for facial forms, such as the heart, round, square, etc. Many facial features, such as tapering jaws, angular features, rounded chins, and high foreheads, are combined in most faces.

It can be challenging to choose one stock photo from a collection. Before you do anything further, try to select the shape that most nearly resembles your own.

There are, however, generally five different categories of face shapes:


Strong, wide jawlines that continue to be wide to the cheekbones give the appearance of having a square face.

Wide cheekbones and the asymmetry of round faces can make a face appear unevenly round or circular.


Faces with a heart shape have broad foreheads and sculpted cheekbones. Other names for them include inverted triangle faces.


Less frequent face shapes include pear-shaped faces, sometimes known as triangle-shaped faces. These facial shapes can be identified by their broad jawlines and narrow foreheads.


An oval face has a length that is bigger than its width. These faces have wider jawlines and longer foreheads.

Which Facial Features Do You Have?

The simplest way to determine what face shape you have is to look at these four facial characteristics while looking in the mirror or taking a photo of yourself:

Length of your face
The size of your forehead
The width of your cheekbones
Your cheeks

Pulling your hair back or wetting it down could be beneficial before checking your face. The longest and widest part of your face should be taken into account. You may immediately identify the type of facial shape you have or whether it fits into more than one category by noting the widest and longest regions of your face.

By measuring the length and width of your features and comparing them to those described above, you may establish what kind of facial shape you have.

Tips for Choosing Eyewear for Your Face

Understanding the anatomy of your face is essential to choosing the right pair of glasses. If your face doesn't fit one of the usual face forms, that's okay. Try on glasses created for two different face types to find your perfect pair.

Not every frame will suit every face type. Whether in terms of beauty or use, such as their capacity to sit comfortably on your face, some will fit particular forms better than others.

Eyeglasses for Square Faces are Ideal

Square faces look best with round and oval frames. These glasses may help balance the sharp angles in your jawline and other areas. Additionally, you can soften your features by choosing a modest frame that is wider than your cheekbones.

Many gorgeous pairs of eyeglasses will enhance the features of a square-shaped face. Strong, angular features and a clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw are common characteristics of square faces.

Circular Face-Flattering Eyewear

Round faces are best complemented by strong, angular frames like rectangular, cat-eye, and geometric shapes. Make sure the frames are set just over your cheekbones for the best appearance.

Your round face will look longer and more angular when wearing rectangular frames. Sharp edges in geometric eyewear will counteract your generally softer appearance. Cat-eye glasses will also assist in drawing attention to your cheeks and eyes.

No matter which of these options you choose, no matter what your particular tastes or sense of style are. To make the shopping process easier, it helps to be aware of your face shape while choosing a pair and to have some idea of what you are going for.

Frame design, color, and form are all important considerations that might impact your look. Know what else is advantageous? Just a little motivation and you are good to go.

Best Eyeglasses for a Heart-Shaped Face

The ideal sunglasses for heart-shaped faces are aviators and D-frames. The winged-out design of these glasses draws attention away from your forehead. Choose a frame slightly broader than your forehead and has a lot of detail on the bottom if you want to balance the features on your face. Additionally, an oval-shaped frame would draw more attention to your eyes.

The Ideal Eyewear for Faces with Triangle Features

If your face is triangular-shaped, you should pay more attention to your forehead than your jawline. Triangle faces work best with strong-top frames. This category includes shapes like cat-eye, aviator, and D-frames, which look fantastic on a triangle face.

Glasses that Compliment Oval Faces

The most common and widespread face shape is the oval. Hence there are many different types of eyewear available for them. You can try on several frames to determine which one highlights your features and evenly distributes your angles if you want to buy the best frame for your oval-shaped face.

Geometric, rectangular, square, and huge frames look good on oval faces. Oval patterns look more forceful on wearers and beautifully complement cat-eye and aviator frames. D-frames could help with a traditional look. If you have an oval face shape, you can be daring by wearing a unique color, texture, or frame form. There are countless variations, including squares, trapezoids, rectangles, and more!

When choosing glasses, your facial shape should come into play more than anything else. The remainder is a matter of taste and the meaning you want to portray through your faces, such as whether you want to draw attention to your eyes, particular facial characteristics, or the harmony of angles. All of these elements will have an impact on the sort of glasses you ultimately buy.

Choose the ideal pair of glasses for you slowly. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to bring a friend or member of your family to get their opinion on the many frame and eyewear styles that are offered. You might even ask the staff or the optometrist for advice; they might be able to help.


It is important to talk about eyewear as part of a fashionable ensemble. This is because wearing a pair of glasses may change your image just as quickly as using a bright lip color or eyeliner. You can select the ideal glasses for your face using the aforementioned advice. Put the right pair in style.